AQUANTICA Marine Projects

It is a company created to provide services to the entire Marine, Port, Shipping, Oil, Private, Tourist, Scientific, Etc.

More than 15 years of experience in marine projects and developments are our best guarantee.

We have a deep commitment with the environment, with the strong belief that, by creating jobs, we are supporting and contributing to the growth of our country.


Perform services that make a difference in professionalism and quality.


Our mission is to provide an excellent working environment and total satisfaction to our clients.


Be recognized as a professional organization in marine works and projects worldwide.

Our services

Being the best in our field, is the meaning that we are committed to each of the projects that customers trust us.

Install geo-tubes

We install geo-tubes made from woven polypropylene geotextiles with containment technologies, sand pumping to combat erosion and mitigate the ensuing swell
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Maintenance to Oil Platforms

Preventive and corrective maintenance of substructures in oil rigs with the best safety standards and qualified staff.

Non Destructive Testing (PND)

Non-destructive testing (NDT), refers to methods of handling a material that do not permanently affect or change its physical, chemical or mechanical properties or dimensions.
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Navigation Channels

Design of navigation channels, enhancing the interrelation of environmental issues, engineering of waterways, hydrodynamics and marine traffic.

Installation of Piles

Installation, maintenance and design of reinforced concrete, steel or wood piles or columns as point load supports for piers, marinas or port terminals.

Welding and Submarine Cutting

We offer a wide range of services for underwater welding and cutting for professional jobs and/ or repair of metal structures (vessels, underwater pipes, steel beams).

Video and Underwater Photography

We have equipment, tools and specialized personnel in industrial diving to make underwater videos and photographs in high definition.

Cleaning Helmets and Propulsion Systems

We do preventive-corrective maintenance for hull and propulsion systems in order to remove encrusted and attached mussels and shells and marine vegetation, thus guaranteeing a longer lifespan.

Galvanic anodes for vessels and metallic structures.

We install anodes to increase the lifespan of steel plates in vessels and marine structures by protecting them against the abrasive effects of corrosion.

Buoy systems

We install all kinds of buoy systems. We offer buoy maintenance, buoy chains, ballasts, luminaries and concrete ballast blocks.
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Rescue of sunken vessels or boats that have ran aground, maintaining their integrity and avoiding fuel spills.

Beach Recovery

Project development and solutions to counteract erosion processes caused by marine dynamics and human influence, to allow for an improvement in the coastline.

Retaining walls

Edificación de muros de contención de concreto reforzado para detener la abrasión del oleaje en las costas y retener material de los efectos erosivos.

Construction of Escolleras

Design, construction, supervision and maintenance of ripraps made from prefabricated concrete panels, gabions or rock to protect or construct safe havens.
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Construction of Docks

Design, construction, supervision and maintenance of wood, concrete, mixed or floating piers.

Bathymetries and Marine Studies

Monitoring of seabed topography with high range equipment. We measure and gauge depth values essential for the implementation of any marine engineering project.

Installation of Artificial Reefs

Construction and installation of artificial reefs in the seabed, considering this as an effective solution for the diversification of ecosystems.

Dragados y Desazolves

Removal of particle sized material from the seabed, in many occasions to increase the draft of marinas, ports and waterways.

Installation of Marine Pipes

We carry out projects for the installation of submerged or floating marine pipelines in general, as well as desalination and power plants.